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Help for Coral Reefs

“Reef-Rescuers” coral restoration project was launched in response to coral bleaching in the Indian Ocean. Colorful coral is making a comeback around the Seychelles and off…

DAS Is A Very Watchful Eye

The Domain Awareness System (DAS) developed by Vulcan Technologies provides a real-time tool for anti-poaching units in a single interactive screen. Data include GPS readings of…

Poaching in the hands of Cybersecurity

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Irdeto have partnered to combat poaching and wildlife crimes online. Iredeto provide cybersecurity for inbuilt software – to prevent hacking…

Behind the Flipflopi Boat

Two years worth of beach clean ups produced a boat made entirely of reconstructed plastic and clad in washed up flip flops. The ten tonnes of…

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