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Snake Travels in Watamu

Sita Snake Park The Sita Community Snake Park near Mida Creek cares for snakes, chameleons, lizards and other kinds of reptiles. It was started by residents…

Buy a Bracelet and Change a Life

‘Do Right’ Project helping hundreds of Kenyan mothers cope with child care problems We’ve all seen them. They’re small, eye-catching and not too expensive. Many of…

The Story of The Mvule Boat

Google Earth is a wonderful thing. It shows you areas that you would never have known existed and allows world exploration from the comfort of your…

Mangroves in the Midst

The dhow’s bow slices through the glassy green surface sending ripples with blue crests into the mangal – mangrove biome – that makes up the evergreen…

On The Isles of Lamu

I love being in Lamu. Hopping out of the Airkenya aircraft and on to the dhow to sail us to Lamu Stone Town on the famed…

For a Whale Song

The animal kingdom is full of stories of migration – from humans leaving Africa to populate the earth, to birds flying up and down the continents,…

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