Thursday, May 6

Word from the editor

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As you soar above the towns, then villages turning into wilderness over the cradle of mankind, then land at your destination – I hope you’ll marvel at the facilities that our lodges can offer. Fresh food, linens and knowledgeable guides to enrich your experience.
You’ll find that in this part of the world, things are used to adapting very quickly – droughts, floods and migrations are all part of life. Making the most of the sunshine and water resources, many properties are now using solar power and reverse osmosis technologies.
There’s a lot of misleading information out there, often circulated for dubious agendas. Like about population not being a problem for Africa and how population growth is needed to consume and grow the economy to reach development goals. It’s easy to think that, when you look down on the hardly inhabited vast expanses.
But this is a time for different schemes. Whilst reflecting on the past, there should be no doubt in your mind that reducing hunger cannot rely on land usage any more. But on methods that prevent deforestation, that grow nutritious food without soil and rear livestock with precision, without waste; aided by intelligence, accessed via mobile apps.
In Kifaru the film review, the extinction of Sudan – last male northern white rhino on earth is felt through his carers. Extinction of one species is extinction of all. Land and sea are inextricably linked in strong and stunning ways. Birds feed on sea fish then nest in native forests inland, dropping their nitrogen rich guano to feed the forest floor and soil. Trees, through their respiration create rain, which washes this nitrogen into the rivers that flow back to the oceans and feed the zooplankton on which whales and other marine animals, feed.
We connect with elephants in the Amboseli, show you the Mara and the beauties of the Kidepo valley. From the marshes of Uganda in search of a rare prehistoric looking bird to a city in Tanzania where you may enjoy beer tasting with food.
This season is one of connecting with family, old friends, new ideas and mother earth.
Enjoy responsibly,

Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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