Thursday, May 6

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‘Unity is strength. Synergy is might. Teamwork is power’
Matshona Dhliwayo
Regional aviation has never been more critical. It is foundational to the global aviation industry. Without it, there is simply no way that passengers could reliably travel to, from or between many safari destinations, which would come at a great detriment to the prosperity and quality of life for millions of people. From Vintage to advantage, over the years, Aviation has evolved as an industry from aircrafts to ground equipment and even modernization of airports.

Airkenya has always kept up with this ever changing industry from the days when we flew the piston DC-3 with radial engines, to modern piston aircrafts, as the Cessna 404 to the Piper Navajo. As aviation moved from piston engines to turbine engines, Airkenya acquired the Fokker 27s and later the shorts 360 as their biggest fleet of Aircraft. The twin otters were later introduced to cater for the wider networks and lighter loads together with the Cessna Caravans.

In addition to the 2 (two) Dash 7s that hold a seating capacity of 50 passengers each, Airkenya is a leading operator to most tourists’ destinations. The Dash 7s are STOL Aircrafts with the capability to land and takeoff on very short runways of approximately 1000m with an airfield elevation of 5,000 feet with 50 passengers. This has enabled Airkenya to provide competitive advantage to the passengers while accommodating large groups of passengers. There are only twelve Dash 7s still operational in the whole world, of which two are with Airkenya.

In order to cater for routes that require an Aircraft that is capable of faster speeds and short field performance, Airkenya acquired a Dash 8 that takes approximately 1hr to cover 300 nautical miles. The Dash 8 has added passenger comfort as its engines are more powerful hence enabling it to fly at higher altitudes; and it has modern aircraft systems. Since acquisition in year 2006 the DASH8 operated Kenyan coastal routes but we have since reallocated the DASH8 to Regional Air Tanzania and it now operates the Serengeti-Zanzibar Schedule flight.

Synergy through Sharing. Book with us. Enjoy open skies! We’re committed to leading the needs of the East Africa tourism circuit. We understand what’s at stake and have made investments in our business that allow us to move with the shifts in a dynamic market and have products that will give premium service, flexibility and options and alternatives that can provide improved comfort to our traveler while achieving efficient operations. Our experienced and committed employees are our greatest asset and pride.

For more info on the schedule and connectivity visit our websites;;

Thank you for choosing to fly with us and we take this early opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We look forward to flying with you and family, during this festive season.


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