Thursday, May 6

Nairobi Arboretum

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Nairobi’s richest living collection of trees

In the days of old when trains used wood-fired steam engines, foresters in Kenya became concerned that indigenous trees that the railway relied on were getting depleted faster than they could regenerate. They needed to find other tree species that could grow fast enough to meet the railway’s fuel needs…

Established as a trial site for exotic tree species in 1907, the 30-hectare Nairobi Arboretum now hosts the richest collection of exotic and indigenous tree species in Nairobi. The arboretum also has over 100 species of migrant and resident bird species in addition to sykes and vervet monkeys.
Located off state house road, approximately 2km from the city centre, the arboretum is good for individuals seeking to learn about trees, watch birds, enjoy serene moments within the forest or walk along its trails. The Central Lawn and other areas are available for your special events.


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