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Travel with us in this issue to the Maasai Mara because this is the season for Gnus and their acquaintances to cross the treacherous Mara river on their great migration. Here predators await them and nature is laid bare. Mara Crossings are best viewed from venues close by to the Mara and Talek Rivers. The migration’s earlier stages in the Serengeti are just as interesting when rutting and birthing take place.

Here, you can still see crested cranes, the symbol of Uganda and giraffes as if they were not endangered. Crane conservation and tea drinking are all matters to think about in the era of solutions to climate change.

Look deep into Africa’s soul and understand what’s being expressed, gleaning the skills used and finally marvelling at the imagination applied – the ingredients to appreciating art. We’ve made a small inroad into grasping the meaning of African Ceremonies, Art, Culture and Wisdom, for all of us.

Relax and enjoy your journey.
Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.
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