Thursday, May 6

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A safari to Africa is indescribeable. This is where dreams come true. Having visited Africa once you will want to return to the peace, tranquility and adventure it has to offer. East Africa especially pulses to a natural rhythm of life that has remained basically unchanged since the beginning of time.

Why do we Love Kenya? If you have not been fascinated by Kenya, flying with us will show you why Kenya is hard to resist. Your safari will begin from Nairobi Wilson where Airkenya roost to Lewa wildlife conservancy, which is a world heritage site and award winning model for community conservation. Lewa offers a trip of a lifetime with its combination of superb game, diverse scenery and conservation education. If you have the desire to run in Africa, the Safaricom Lewa Marathon will not disappoint.

Far away up in the North, facing Mt. Kenya, Kenya is expansive, unexplored but rich in colour. We dare you to step into the most exciting wilderness in Africa. The rewards include memories of the vast, camel herders walking their animals to lost oasis and jokes shared with beautifully dressed traditional warriors.

The season is here with us again, the greatest show on earth, a captivating and dramatic movement of about half a million wildebeests from the drier lands of Serengeti to the Maasai Mara. This natural phenomenon attracts thousands of local and international visitors. The beauty of the Mara is that it is an all-round safari destination.

Ooh! Not to forget the lovely Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a relatively small island but itís still big enough to the point where you have to decide where to go;

Uganda is called ëThe Pearl of Africaí. Travel into the misty wonder of Bwindi’s impenetrable forest. Ugandaís most ancient rainforest and get up close and personal with the elusive mountain gorillas who call it home.

The thrill of an encounter with the Big 5, the combination of unforgettable adventures, great food, service, accommodation and meeting interesting people is the perfect formula for the trip of a lifetime! Everyone can find something fascinating to do.

Ready to experience a safari like never before? Make it happen with Airkenya, or visit our website and choose the itinerary that will best suit you. Looking forward to flying with you, as we all explore the beautiful Eastern side of Africa.The group airlines ensure smooth connectivity from Kenya to Tanzania via Kilimanjaro or current and popular Mara-Migori-Tarime- Serengeti services; and/or from Mara to Entebbe in Uganda.

You are Welcome.

Evelyne Chesimet
Marketing Manager


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