Saturday, June 19


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The year started with much humbleness and I am acutely aware of our luck at being able to wonder what each of us can do to make the future better.

Because, we are still reeling from the profane events at Nairobi’s Dusit Hotel, where terrorists took from us innocent lives leaving in their wake hollow sadness. Whilst In my prayer for a happy new year, I also wish for deliverance from senseless politicking, peace of mind and fellowship for all of us.

This issue is full of resolutions – things that we can do to save the planet, mindful enjoyment of nature’s gifts and how to enhance your holidays to find more joy. Read the Rules of the Bush and be amazed by aerial photographer Jeffrey Wu, visit the Samburu through the eyes of the Yaaku, go up in the Matthews mountains and discover the Nile on horseback. Laugh a little with a humorous expat stereotype.

Exploration is a natural human instinct. I’ve found that when I slow down to feed my sense of wonder I become profoundly aware of everything around me and in this mindful state all that I have to be falls away and I can just be, myself. Then I am happy. It’s science.

Enjoy your journey.

Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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