Thursday, May 6

Climate Change in Africa

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African Wildlife foundation and Years of Living Dangerously are focusing on the effects of climate change in an Emmy Award winning program to be aired on November 30th on National Geographic Channel.

In warming temperatures, mountain gorillas would lose 75% of their already shrinking habitat. Prolonged droughts will dry up watering holes that provide elephants with their vast water needs, migratory patterns of the Wildebeest from the Serengeti, will change making human-wildlife conflict more intense and Cheetah reproduction would be further affected by the heating of the earths surface.

While Africa contributes least to global carbon emissions, its people and wildlife are bearing the brunt of climate change impacts. AWF therefore implements projects that both address the causes and help people adapt to the effects. We work with communities to conserve forests, keeping carbon out of the atmosphere. We protect wildlife corridors that give wildlife safe passage to much-needed water. We train farmers in climate-smart agriculture so they can sustainably grow crops. Finally, we help prevent human–wildlife conflict so farmers don’t lose their crops and elephants don’t lose their lives.


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