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Breeding Cattle Sustainably

In Olomayiana village, cattle have long been a symbol of wealth and pride, “I hope your cattle are well” is the most common greeting among friends…

Ending Malaria

Whilst the malaria burden is carried largely by sub-saharan Africa, there has been some improvement in its eraditcation in the north of the continent. In 2017,…

Word from the editor

Karibu, Travel with us in this issue to the Maasai Mara because this is the season for Gnus and their acquaintances to cross the treacherous Mara…

Understanding Chelenge

‘Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root. ‘ African Proverb If you were to ask me ‘who is an African’?…

The Mitumba maven

By Frances Woodham Take off your watch and those earrings. Probably would be safer to remove your wedding ring too. Just stuff your cash and phone…

Storms wash away Rain

It was the first time on record that two powerful storms had hit the southern African country in such a short space of time. It’s effects…

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