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Cache of Chic

The new Kache by Angie store opening at The Hub, in Nairobi’s Karen, brought together the Spanish community along with the Spanish Ambassador, Javier Garcia and…

Befriend Nairobi National Park

Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) is a society of people who enjoy visiting the park, many are excellent photographers, some are keen birders others just…

Simply Classics Africa

Is the boutique at the Airkenya departure lounge that has been newly refurbished. Founded in 2012 by Vanessa Roumeguere, Simply Classics Africa is inspired by the…

Here’s a fun fact:

Somewhere in the 1920s the Campfire Marshmallows Company in the USA coined the phrase S’mores (from some more) for a treat of melted marshmallows. Since then,…

Aerial Elephant Census

A two week, cross-border aerial census for elephants and buffalos in the Mara and Serengeti, between Kenya and Tanzania has been launched in Narok. It will…

Wildlife Statistics

The African Wildlife Foundation has released the state of the continent’s endangered species. Elephants – An estimated 415,000 elephants remain from a report that combines data…

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