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Red Giants

For almost all my life spent in Nairobi, Voi town in the Taita-Taveta County of the former Coast province was only a short stop over on…

A Day’s Hike

‘This national park is only one of two national parks in Kenya where you can disembark from your vehicle and engage in some outdoor activity such…

Samburu Intrepids

“Samburus are also referred to as butterfly people. This is because we wear bright colors which help us live in the bush and live with the…

Sundowner on the ridge

Just over an hour and twenty minutes later with the terracotta roofs of the Castle on the ridge in my sights, I hit the soft black…

Ride To Be One

‘Riding through six continents, over 50 Countries, solo rider Maral Yazarloo Pattrick stops in Kenya… flies AIRKENYA into the Masai Mara stays at the luxury &Beyond…

In a Fable at Naibor

Male hormones have turned the ostrich’s legs red. He flaps his great black plumes exposing white wing tips against the variation of hills and space. Two…

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