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Samburu at Sasaab

The tinkling of bells wafts up in a hot current, cutting a stream of consciousness through my nap. I have a cold shower, looking out over…

Motorogi’s Mahali Mzuri

The river sweeps seemingly upwards, flowing away from us round a bend to the whap whap calls of Egyptian Geese – Mtorogi in Maa, the language…

Pearl in Kilifi

You know how they say pictures can lie, well I took a risk and booked myself for an adventure and stumbled across what I would call…

Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Photography

Combining the minimalism of black and white photography and the vibrancy of Africa in its colours, Klaus Tiedge produces art from photographs that he has taken…

Burgeoning Battles

The Nairobi National Park is Kenya’s oldest and only wildlife park in a capital city. The 117 km2 wilderness has an amazing biological diversity with more…

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