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Searching for the shoe bill bird

In Buganda, there’s a proverb that goes, “Okutambula kulaba, okudda kunyumya”-Traveling opens your mind to the unknown, turning you into a story teller on your way…

Meeting the Laibon Meshuko

“I’m one hundred and nine years old”, claimed Meshuko Ole Mapii, who has more children and grand-children than he can name. The old man was sat…

Olare Orok in Winter’s Heat

‘The conservancies that surround the Mara National Park are an extension of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem and along with the Maasai people whose land it is, the…

Destination East Africa

Lakes, Rivers, Game Reserves, Mountains and Islands you don’t want to miss if you don’t have to. TANZANIA Lake Natron, Monduli Africa’s great rift valley is…

Turning The Tide

Are you reducing your plastic usage? Refusing plastic straws and disposable plastic containers, choosing to carry baskets and reusable metal water bottles? The UN has a…

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