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In a Fable at Naibor

Male hormones have turned the ostrich’s legs red. He flaps his great black plumes exposing white wing tips against the variation of hills and space. Two…

Rising from the Sea Bed

Urchins live upside down. Their bottoms bright orange and googly as if watching us as we swim past trying to find a spot for the camera.…

Through an Arch

Out on the ocean, in the golden light of late afternoon, bob the boats that will take you deep sea fishing which Watamu is famous for.…

The Rough with the Smooth

Through the groovy cool interior there’s a bar to my left and on the right tucked away in a cubby is a treasure trove of Penny…

Safari Cuisine

If anything is illustrated by Top Gear ex-presenter – Jeremy Clarkson, getting unbecomingly angry over not getting his steak at the end of a long day,…

The Hidden Sky

Away from the hustle, noise, pollution and traffic, but still within the city, lies a gem in the middle of a forest. A luxurious camp surrounded…

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