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Editor’s Note

On a recent travel writing safari I puzzled over why so many people, when sitting alone, focus on their mobile phones, ignoring a magnificent view, wild…

Captain Mercy Kinuthia

‘‘Welcome aboard your Airkenya flight today. This is your Captain speaking’’ How long have you been with Airkenya? Since 2008…say about three and a half years…

Spreading Our Wings!

Welcome to another issue of Ndege News! With this edition, we embark on the third year of publication, and hope that you have enjoyed every issue…

Onyango Alemo

The New Ohangla Sensation Dressed in a leopard skin with headgear to match, Onyango Alemo grabs the microphone and belts out a verse of Tabia Mbaya.…

A Bush and Beach Experience

It’s that time of year again, and everyone is looking forward to some well-earned peace and relaxation. The pristine beaches of Kenya’s coast beckon, while our…

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