Friday, April 3

Partnerships finding Community Solutions

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Manyara Ranch is an age-old migration lane for elephants and other species. Manyara partnered with the Arusha-based Honeyguide Foundation, a community nonprofit known for its anti-poaching fieldwork.
The partners trained a team of rangers and deployed them at the ranch, along with tracker dogs. Combined with regular patrols, the canines program has been effective. Just having a dog on the grounds deters poachers, who know the canine units can track down even those offenders who’ve fled to hide out in neighbouring settlements.
To curb the overgrazing, Manyara started providing livestock extension services, including a breeding program. It buys high-quality Boran bulls from African Wildlife Foundation partner Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and sells them to the communities at reduced rates to help improve herd quality.
Manyara also employs a full-time veterinarian to serve the community, offering advice, vaccinating livestock, and treating the cattle during disease outbreaks.
To address the human-wildlife conflict, Manyara turned to simple but effective new equipment: predator-proof, mobile bomas.


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