Friday, April 3

Lion populations smaller than previously thought

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A recent report by Amy Dickman from the University of Oxford, says wild lions have vanished from 95% of their historic range.
In countries like Malawi, the approximate wild lion population is five, 30 in Nigeria, 25 in Angola, 22 in Rwanda and 20 in Niger. Countries with larger populations include Tanzania with 8176, Kenya has 1825, Mozambique 1295, South Africa 2070, Zimbabwe 1709 and Zambia 1095.
Kenya’s national population of lions was estimated at 2,749 in 2002 and 2,280 in 2004. The study notes how there are more wild rhinos than wild lions, 14 times more African elephants and wild gorillas than wild lions and nearly 350 000 people for every one wild lion.
It finds that 40% of current wild lion range is in protected areas while 14% of wild lion populations don’t overlap at all with protected areas. The major threats to Africa’s lions are the loss and degradation of habitat, bushmeat snaring, and conflict with people when lions threaten them or their livestock.


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