Wednesday, August 5

Word from the editor

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Are you looking out at the changing landscape? Contemplate the wilderness above which you soar – It is inextricably linked to heritage, culture and climate change.
Temperatures, forest cover, rainfall, rain and the seas are affected by the way we live and our future culture – the way we will do things, what we will abandon and what we will keep. How will we express the changing winds – and will this become our heritage?
With this mindfulness, look into the living museum around you and enrich your journeys. In a narrow street, ruin or even a river bend in which a crossing is taking place like it has for millennia, there are photos to be taken and memories to be made.
In this issue, we invite you to understand the beauty of beads, ancient artefacts and to understand what is underneath the obvious beauty. For the intrepid, we have some unique features for each of the countries we can take you to.

Enjoy your trip
Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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