Thursday, February 27

Lions adapting to live with humans

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Research conducted in Samburu has found that Lions living in arid desert areas are solitary or live in small groups. Females also trained cubs at a younger age to hunt. If there’s not a lot of food it makes sense not to share your food and have a wider territory as is the case in Samburu. In the Mara, larger prides defend smaller areas around watering holes where there is a high density of prey.
Shivani Bhalla founder of Ewaso Lions, which promotes co-existence between humans and wildlife said “In East Africa especially, if lions are going to survive, they’ll need to learn to live with people. Living a solitary life is one thing that may help them.”
One old lioness, Nguro, meaning half tail in Maa, who had disappeared for a long time, turned up in a Mara Conservancy, she had been hunting solo, had a spear wound but was still able to take down an injured wildebeest.
The African lion has disappeared from 94% of its historic range because of habitat fragmentation, loss of prey species and conflict with humans. In addition lions killed by poisoning also killed the vultures that fed on their carcasses.


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