“Ivory Trade is a Rip Off” Campaign launched in Kenya

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The campaign calls for the listing of the African Elephant in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Appendix I is a list of animals facing extinction.
As part of the campaign, 400,000 limited-edition boarding passes have been produced with the message: “Trade of ivory is ripping Kenya apart”.
The First-lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta in a bid to champion for the closure of all ivory trade markets across the world said Kenya will continue with its campaign against the reopening of markets for animal trophies especially ivory. She said every time a proposal is made to partially reopen ivory trade markets, demand for animal trophies escalates leading to increased poaching.
31 other African states under the African Elephant Coalition are supporting the campaign.
CITES introduced the ban on international trade in ivory in 1989 following years of unprecedented poaching; up to 80 per cent of herds are estimated to have been lost in some regions.
“The Kenya Airport Authority was the first in Africa to sign the United Buckingham Palace Declaration, an international initiative that commits players in the international transport supply chain to collaborate in the fight against the wildlife trafficking,” KAA’s Isaac Awuondo said at the launch.


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