Regional Air goes Green with paper-less flight deck program

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The electronic flight bag (EFB) is a software designed to replace paper in the cockpit. It replaces the tech log, calculates weight & balance, contains the passenger manifests among other paper documents. Basically, the EFB is capable of carrying the equivalent of many kilos of paper all on the palm of your hand. The EFB is usually presented in a form of android tablet.

Regional Air becomes the first General aviation operator in Tanzania to adopt the EFB on all its flights. The certificate is actually a detailed type certification Regional Air goes Green with paper-less flight deck program called the 5 phase certification issued by the civil aviation authority. Regional Air has already been hailed as ‘the pioneers’ of this type of technology.

As Tanzania joins other states in the region by going plastic free we at Regional Air take pride in the fact we are contributing to a clear environment. Additionally, the potential savings are huge since new regulations come out frequently requiring aircraft operators to carry more documentation.

So it would not be uncommon for you to see one of our pilots using a tablet in flight.


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