Friday, September 20

Attenborough to feature Mara Elephant Project

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Marc Goss of the Mara Elephant Project and his colleague Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua were interviewed for a documentary to be narrated by Sir David Attenborough. “It was an honor to meet Sir David as he has been a hero of mine since watching his documentary “Frogs” as a child;” said Goss, who flies a copter for MEP. “At 92 years old, he looked really good and was as sharp and witty as he sounds on TV.” Wilson Sairowua “clearly communicated a Maasai’s perspective on conservation. The film will air on Netflix in 2019. id=IwAR2jtaRolSNI9IEfzUuN091daBPW58gjTBLQw8B78oNx j0vy50AxkOCUdIs


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