AIRKENYA Supports Mara’s Emarti Primary School

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AIRKENYA is proud to have built a fully functioning Primary School in the Maasai Mara. All eight classrooms, a library, administration, an abolition block, a borehole was dug and a bio septic tank were put in. In addition a two –bedroom teachers house was built to house the teachers and solar power was installed in the school courtesy AIRKENYA. The school’s enrollment stands at 252 children, the pressure is now on to build boarding facilities as the children walk long distances to get to school everyday. The walk can be a treacherous one for the children as they walk among the wild animals. The AIRKENYA master plan includes building Dormitories for the children, AIRKENYA hopes to embark on the Dormitories and a kitchen this year offering up to 300 students boarding facilities.

AIRKENYA, General Manager, Dino Bisleti together with Commercial Director John Kimondo and PR & Communications Manager Cheryl deSouza-Pedersen and Board Member Nico Spangenberg visited Emarti to discuss the plans.


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