AIRKENYA Giving Back to the Society

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AIRKENYA supports many noble causes and is proud to be associated with various community projects and indeed charities who’s goal’s are in line with AIRKENYA’S socially responsible projects. Airkenya supported the following charities and organisations in 2018.

Riding for the Disabled a charity founded on the principle that Horse riding is beneficial to persons born with disabilities. AIRKENYA supported with two return tickets to the Maasai Mara.

Nairobi Hospice, needs no introduction and AIRKENYA has been supporting them through their Golf Fundraiser for a number of years already. AIRKENYA supported with two return tickets to Diani.

Nature Kenya, part of the Nairobi National Museums, Nature Kenya is at the forefront of nurturing Kenya’s bio diversity where flora and fauna take centre stage and the protection of Kenya’s natural fauna is at the core of the organization. Support by way of two return tickets to the Maasai Mara.

Kenya Horticultural Society, Nairobi District, Annual Flower show Raffle was also supported with two return tickets to the Mara. The flower show in its 120 year in 2018 was supported by way of two return tickets to the Maasai Mara.

Rotary Club Airkenya supported the Rotary Club of Karen by way of two return tickets to the Mara. Funds raised through the event went on to help over 3,000 under privileged school girls gain access to affordable, hygienic and environmentally friendly menstrual hygienic products. Education for girls is marginalized communities in Kenya. Dignity packs for both girls and boys in these communities. Water and sanitation facilities to underprivileged schools and community service centres.

AIRKENYA supports KenSAP and through its program has given 179 gifted and needy Kenyan high-school students access to world-class university education at the most prominent Universities in North America. Airkenya not only supported by way of a table during the second Fundraising Dinner but also supported by way of two return tickets to Malindi and two return tickets to the Maasai Mara paired with the luxury And Beyond Bateleur Camp.

The KOBO Trust which promotes budding Kenyan artists giving them a launch pad to the international art scene! Airkenya supported by way of two return tickets.

Rhino Charge every year we get a huge number of requests to support the Cars. AIRKENYA has in 2018 supported Cars No. 15 and Car No 49, we’ve also supported Car No. 28. Indeed, Car 28 fundraising event a Quiz night in Mombasa raised kes 650,000/- towards the charge. Winners of the Airkenya tickets were Alex and Debbie Gibbs.

AIRKENYA has also supported the main Rhino Charge Raffle too. The Rhino Ark has fenced the Mt Kenya and Aberdares national parks and has now embarked on protecting the water towers of Kenya.

Friends of Nairobi National Park’s (FoNNaP) annual Sunset Wine and Wildlife dinner at Ole Sereni is a fundraiser event to support FoNNaP’s major project areas. Last year’s fundraising was towards the Lion Light project, Education programme, Control of invasive species in Nairobi National Park, partly to kick-start FoNNaP’s long term Scouts Programme in Sholinke an area prone to Lion killings in rainy seasons and to get new individual, family and corporate members. The main guest last year was Jonathan and Angie Scott of the Big Cat diaries giving a talk on their new upcoming footage on the big cats. The turn out was good and planning for the 3rd Sunset Wine and Wildlife dinner will start soon.

The Spring Valley Bazaar is another cause very close to Airkenya’s heart. This year Dr. Mauro Saio won AIRKENYA’S two return tickets to the Maasai Mara packaged with Porini Camp Mara kindly donated by Jake Grieves Cook.

Marieke Ruberti, Organiser of the Spring Valley Bazaar under the auspices of her charity ANDREF commented, “I am absolutely delighted that this year at least Mauro has been lucky!

He has always helped on a pro bono basis to see any patient from ANDREF and always give sound advice. He has also helped Jake Grieves-Cook with spider and snake bites which have challenged his staff”. The Spring Valley Bazaar raised over 1,700,000/- for Epilepsy Awareness and treatment.

Kenya Fly Fishers Club (KFFC) has also been supported by AIRKENYA for a number of years, with tickets to Meru, Malindi and the Maasai Mara. The KFFC Dinner promotes sustainable fishing practices in various parts of the Country.

Gertrude’s Children Hospital Fundraiser, the annual Golf fundraising event is a big part of Gertrude’s medical outreach to children who otherwise cannot afford some life changing medical procedures. AIRKENYA has supported its raffles and auctions with return tickets to MALINDI.

Friends of Dagoretti Children Friends of Dagoretti Children (FDC) is a Kenya registered charitable society. Currently FDC have 52 young people – 31 girls, 21 boys of whom 18 are in secondary schools 34 are in work experience or tertiary courses. The Children with disadvantaged backgrounds but who are hungry for education can seek sponsorship from FDC. AIRKENYA offered two return tickets to Maasai Mara during the 2018 FDC Fundraiser which saw a tremendous sum of Ksh. 1.85 million raised towards the education and upkeep of the children.

The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) relies soley on well wishers to support domestic animals in Nairobi indeed Kenya. Airkenya offered two return tickets through the annual Shaggy Dog Show towards supporting the society in 2018.

Poppy Ball: In November 2018, it was 100 years since the end of WWII and whilst we normally think of this as a European war, Africa was at the forefront the battles. The Poppy symbolizes a rememberance of the men and women who fought in the war. An annual Ball takes place at the Muthaiga Country Club to not only rememberance but also to raises funds for the much needed funds for the annual Askari & British Legion Kenya Appeals. AIRKENYA donated two return tickets towards for the fundraising ball.


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