Saturday, May 25

My Golden Days at Pembroke

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My Pembroke experience was one of the best times of my life. I especially remember the fun and games that we used to have during our free time. Every day at Pembroke was filled with laughter. Pembroke is one of a kind; nothing is as special as this little school in Kenya.

The simple but magical moments stick out in my mind: building shacks, dancing in dorms, planting vegetables in the shambas, trips away with my class (midnight feasts have never been the same!), running around in the mud, girls making daisy chains to put in their hair, talking is whispers after lights out, everybody splashing around in the ‘boatie’. We had the time of our young lives, and I know I will always cherish my precious memories of Pembroke.

When the time came every year for the Dinky Safari Rally, Christmas games, Bonfire Night, Book Day and discos and the other numerous whole school events, everyone got stuck in and had a ball. The little but special moments included making our crazy cars for Dinky Safari Rally – all of us trying to win different prizes like most destroyed car or most tipples! The general hysteria of Christmas games – crawling under benches whilst eggs and flour were being thrown at you, or apple bobbing and carving pumpkins during Halloween games. Playing ‘Spotlight’ and toasting marshmallows when camping in the forestry, dolling ourselves up for late night discos (all in bed by nine!), dressing up for Book Day (something me and my family took very seriously!), watching movies all together on Pre’s lawn on a Saturday night and gasping in awe of the fabulous fireworks under the stars on Bonfire Night. These are just a few of my spectacular memories from Pembroke.

The friendships that I formed doing all of these wonderful activities are the most important thing. Everyone cares for each other, no matter what year group they’re in. Everyone looks after each other and looks out for people and when new children come, we were all taken in and looked after as if they were in our own families. And that is what Pembroke really is – one big crazy, giggling, happy family.

I could not have asked for more. I had the best time and if there was one thing I could change it would be to have spent longer at prep school. I hope that every child has as much fun as I did at Pembroke House.


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