Monday, October 21

Ryan Visits An Island

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“Ryan! Come and see how we are going to get to the island!” My sister Michelle comes running up to us. Mum, Dad and I are at the Chale Island reception. I take another sip from my bottle of cold water and follow her.

“We’re going on a tractor!” she bursts out. A tractor? Is Michelle teasing me again? She does that a lot. But when I get down to the jetty, I see a big blue tractor pulling a wagon coming across from the island.

I can’t wait to climb into the wagon. The fancy lady in front of me wobbles at bit as she gets on. She’s wearing really high heel shoes. Maybe she didn’t know she was coming to the beach.

The tractor bumps its way across the sandy channel. This is great!

At the hotel I just want to change and jump into the pool, but first we have to listen to a man telling us about the island.

“Don’t feed the baboons,” he says. “I will get to know about it in five minutes.”

“How will he know?” I whisper to Mum.

“Because that baboon will become your shadow,” the man answers.

Mum and Dad both look at me, “Don’t even think about it, Ryan,” warns Mum.

Wow; that would have been fun!

Mum and Dad waste time taking pictures of the sea but we eventually get to our rooms and I finally I’m on the beach.

I run out onto the sand and almost crash into a funny structure made of sticks and string,.

“That’s to protect sea turtle eggs,” says Dad.

“What eggs,” I say.

“The mummy turtles bury them under the sand, and after about six weeks the baby turtles hatch and try and make their way into the sea.”

“Let’s go and see the spa,” Mum says, but Michelle is busy texting her friends and Dad is pretending to be asleep.

“Come with me, Ryan, we have to go through a mangrove forest and there’s a lake in the middle.”

We walk through a thick forest, there are all sort of strange noises come from the trees; growls, yelps and then there is a shriek!

“What’s that?”

“That’s a type of monkey, there are lots of different sorts of monkeys and birds in this forest,” says Mum.

I see a bright blue flash on one of the trees; phew it’s just an Agama lizard.

There’s wooden bridge, I run across it and back again, and it sways from side to side. “Come on,” says Mum.

“This is a salt water lake, it fills up when the tide comes in” says Mum. “Oh look, that must be the Spa.”

A lady in a green kitenge dress stands on the steps of a wooden hut. She comes out to talk to Mum.

Something is watching me; I can feel it. I look up into the tree, a pair of huge round eyes stares back at me.

“Look Mum!” I tug on her hand.

˜Mum looks up into the tree, “That’s a bush baby, isn’t it sweet? We’re lucky to see it, they are usually nocturnal”

That night at dinner we see more bush babies, I wish I could take one home.

The next morning, just after breakfast, its time to begin our journey home.

“I don’t want to leave,” I say to Dad. “Can’t we just stay here forever?”

Dad laughs, “Wouldn’t that be nice! But it’s time to go home and you’ve still get to go on the tractor again.”

But when we get to the jetty the tide is in and the water is so high that there is no sand for the tractor to drive on. How are we going to get across?

Then we hear the whirring of an engine; it’s a motorboat that’s come to take us across. This is great!


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