Karural Forest Reserve

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A one of a kind urban forest in the world, lying just 5 kilometres outside the Central Business District of Nairobi is 1041 Ha Karura Forest Reserve. Gazetted in 1932 as a government natural resource, it offers perfect ecofriendly opportunities for Kenyans and visitors to interact with nature having a well maintained 50 kms nature trail for biking and jogging, a bamboo groove and a marshland filled with a weide range of birdlife.

The forest also boasts of having ancient caves where Maumau fighters used to hide during the struggle for independence. Near the cave stands a huge tree- craibea brownie- commonly known as ‘father of trees’ as its the oldest in the forest, estimated at two centuries old. There are three rivers running through the forest with a 50ft waterfall that creates an immediate sense of peace and refreshment. It shelters wildlife including colobus monkey, galagos, porcupines, bush pigs, dik diks and a wide array of bird species. There is also the Amani memorial garden established in 2013 in memory of victims of the terrorist at attack at Westgate shopping mall and also an old chimney incinerator used to destroy decommissioned bank notes.


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