Tuesday, April 7


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Despite the great mood swings that seem to have taken over the gods of weather, that provide us in a year a scorching drought and flash floods followed by freezing nights, people are travelling around East Africa for business and for pleasure.

The resilience of beauty in our region is itself poetic. We benefit from coastlines crossed by whales and dolphins and lands with rivers traversed by animals and people who still retain unique cultures that have survived in oral traditions. In keeping with this culture, we have a few traveller’s tales, prose and poetry, that we hope will fire young minds and older imaginations.

Our special heritage feature is a tribute to the centenary of the end of World War One, a war whose impact in East Africa has not been well documented. We could also not resist taking you to the Indian ocean resort of Watamu for a bit of deep sea viewing and north to Shaba in Samburu country. But for me the biggest story remains that of preserving this heritage that has survived the biggest onslaught of all – human development. I hope you will make your own minds up about what is beneficial to the future of the planet and mankind, all we hope to do is to introduce some of the issues that you could get involved – green technologies, and responsible tourism.

As always, we want you to share your opinions and stories.

Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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