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Ride To Be One

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‘Riding through six continents, over 50 Countries, solo rider Maral Yazarloo Pattrick stops in Kenya… flies AIRKENYA into the Masai Mara stays at the luxury &Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp.’

I had the pleasure of meeting the Iranian born, Maral Yazarloo Pattrick, who is on a mission to “ride to be one” with nature, awaken, as she puts it “many senses”, but as an Iranian woman also to smash a myth that Iranian women can’t ride motor bikes, in this case a BMW Motorrad!… more specifically “Nutella”, a BMW F650GS.

Maral started her solo motorbike ride in March 2017, from Pune, India, riding for 14 months already with over 80,000kms ridden when she arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. When I meet Maral at AIRKENYA on her way to the Masai Mara she is wearing her biker jacket, because she is carrying very little by way of wardrobe (luggage = luxury) on her solo ride. Maral would have loved to ride into the Masai Mara, but the authorities will not allow motorbikes, why you ask… well because of the wild animals and the noise a BMW Motorrad would make in the Game Reserve, and of course the safety of the Rider.

Maral’s next best option to fly AIRKENYA with a two night stay at And Beyond’s, Kichwa Tembo, Masai Mara.

Maral got introduced to Motorbikes 6 years ago, she fell in love with the feeling of being on the motorbike, Maral was working 14 hours a days in the corporate world with her passion in fashion, designing under her own label Maral Yazarloo – launched in Paris in 2012 and she took part in London Fashion Week 2016 before embarking on this exciting “ride to be one”.

When the idea to ride came to her, she was not only single but was mentally exhausted and she knew she needed a break, after 11 years in corporate world in India, “this was my life for the longest time…” she begun to question whether “Is this the life I want?”. Despite her success, she felt there was something missing in her life, and the idea for the “ride to be one” was born.

Maral was 35 years when she started the ride, as she says, she never had marriage on the cards, “it would hold me back from my career and pursuing my dreams”. Famous last words… Maral did tie the knot during the ride, in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu in Peru, her Fiancé (Alexander Pattrick) flew with her dress designed by her, for the wedding. Both their families joined them for their special day. She didn’t take a break for a honeymoon, the next day Maral was on the road again.

Marriage is a wonderful thing, “the ride proved to me, the most important thing is love; to love and be loved in return”. Her husband has flown in on various legs of her ride to meet.

Maral is on a mission to raise awareness on the very sad plight of women in India, where rape is a major social issue, men need to be educated. This ride, is also carrying another important message “Iranian women are not allowed to ride motorbikes” her last stop before returning to India will be Iran and hopefully she will be allowed to enter the Country on her BMW F650GS, as the first Iranian Woman on a motorbike.

Having set her goal for the 7 continents, with 6 continents already done, , she has ridden on bad roads in bad weather the most difficult section being in South America, “I stay off the main highways and roads, and take the scenic routes where possible”.

The ride is expected to finish early August when “I will be back in India, setting up her marital home in Delhi, India”. The ride will take her through 50 Countries, having visited 67 Countries before the ride, Maral says, with 204 Countries in the World, after the ride, she is still focused to travel to 104 Countries which will mean visiting every single country in the world!

From Kenya, the next Country should be Ethiopia and Sudan, but at the time of going to press Sudan has a fuel shortage which would make the ride through Sudan impossible, therefore Maral was exploring options of flying to Egypt and then continue into Europe which is the final Continent.

Wishing Maral and Nutella a Safe Ride!


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