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We were sitting on a dark beach, like in the days before electricity. It was long enough for things to become gradually clearer, the shapes taking on more and more detail, as if we were becoming nocturnal. So I’m thinking of Odin the old Norse god who gouged out one of his own eyes to gain a more sacred, divine level of wisdom in return. And also, of our overdependance on the good things we create.

During the day, this deserted beach is littered with plastic, drifting in from floating islands of rubbish further out in the ocean. There is not one household well or natural spring anywhere in the world that is not contaminated by micro-plastic fibres. These come from the washing of synthetic fabrics like fleeces and carpets. And they are still trying to find a solution for the debris, satelliting the earth.

Yet thirty years after phasing out aerosols, the ozone layer has begun to repair. People will create new economies as we start a new era of invention – things that will replace harmful artificial materials. All it needs is our commitment to make the change.

Kuruwitu in Vipingo today, highlights how slowly but surely, we can heal nature by putting our energies behind our passions. Relax with us also in Watamu, travel through Andres Bifani’s delicious books, meet the very shy but beautiful eastern bongo who you will want to shelter and drink in the thoughts of Samburu’s children for whom clean water is not on tap. We’re interested in small and ethical but also fun fashion and an alternative hotel room in Karen. In Naibor, you don’t take anything for granted, just leave your expectations at home and get wild in safety.


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