Thursday, August 22

Stop in Diani

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You can eat sushi, drink dark, bitter spiced kahawa, bargain with vendors, beach comb or kite surf and with all of these, you can relax and observe the soul of Africa. There’s one stop that’s almost essential to that end. It’s a visit to Diani Shopping Centre’s Gallery.

When we browsed around it last, it had a large number of paintings from Ugandan artists – figurative, impressionistic and abstract. With their driving rhythms and bold colours in modern constraints, very striking, accents for any place.

If that’s too much colour, monochromatic shades and line drawings with pen and ink were also present. That wasn’t the first time I’d been there and what strikes me is the diversity and careful curation of works which means there’s always something that will take your breath away.

Meet Reuben Matara who is delightfully knowledgeable and passionate about the art exhibits to enhance your visit even if you are not in the market to buy a painting with the price tag to match its calibre.

“Diani Beach Art Gallery is a premier exhibition space for contemporary African Art on the Kenyan Coast, The Diani Beach Art Gallery has been exhibiting and selling artwork since 2010.

In two light and airy spaces located at the Diani Beach Shopping Centre, Diani Beach, over 70 artists from more than 20 African nations are represented through a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, mixed media artwork and photographs.

The gallery seeks to find and promote upcoming talent as well as display work for some of the more established artists, which creates for a mixed exhibition of wide variety and depth.”

Opening times are Monday 13:00 – 18:00, Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 – 18:00.

cell: +254(0)706 629 655


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