Tuesday, December 11

Pearl in Kilifi

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You know how they say pictures can lie, well I took a risk and booked myself for an adventure and stumbled across what I would call a pearl in the Oyster. I had a trip to Kilifi and so google became my friend. The chance I took did pay off and I found this interesting hidden gem called Silver Palm Spa.

I landed in Vipingo Ridge and I must just say how much I loved flying over the coast life of Diani. Such a beautiful site and I wished that the pilot just did another tour but sadly before that thought had time to leave my mind, all I could see was sisal. I have never seen so much sisal like that in my life. We were now flying over a sisal farm and in no time we landed in Vipingo Ridge. I have been here before but by road. The air strip is just that an air strip. Small but efficient. It was not too hot but manageable.

The drive to silver Palm must have been 30 to 40 minutes or so when I arrived I honestly did not know what to expect. Would it be just like any other hotel I have been to. I told myself that as long as my bed is comfortable then I am fine. The moment I stepped into the building, I felt different. Not like any other hotel I had been to before. I felt the heaviness lifted off my shoulder. I guess that is when the Spa treatment of step one began.

A lot had gone into the beautiful art work and also design of the hotel. As I walked to the reception area, I was staring at each and every art piece. If felt as if the designer thought about each and every corner. There is an infusion of Swahili, Arab feel. But then again we are at the coast.

At the reception I was greeted with such warm hospitality, a nice cold coconut (madafu) drink, and the signing in took less than 3 minutes. But that drink was just right and made me so relaxed that I did not want to move but get carried to my room. So not to embarrass myself and act a diva, I sat at the reception while I took my time with my drink.

Eventually before going to my room I wanted to check out the spa before anything and it was worth it. Hamida the assistant manager took me for a tour. The spa is located on the first floor of the reception building and the atmosphere there is extremely relaxing. I did not realize just how stressed I was checking in. They offer different spa packages and also have couple’s spa overlooking the beach. Their spa is state of the art and well equipped, also with a salon where you can get your hair, and mani/pedi done.

They also have a gym, which is well equipped with showers, changing rooms and a juice bar. Healthy all the way. I just loved the breeze that was coming through the big open doors. If I had time to do a spa treatment, I do not see myself walking out but someone would have to carry me out.

We later on went to have a look at the rooms and I fell in love with the executive suit (it has a bedroom and a launch area) and the best part, the pool comes to your door step. So you could swim right into your lounge . How amazing is that. Unfortunately, that was not my room. I was on first floor In a different executive room which was still big and so peaceful. I found a fruit basket waiting for me as soon as I got to my room after the tour. Totally touched. The fruits were sweet and juicy. This is the one thing I enjoy about the coast, the fruits as just sweet to the core.

I am glad that I did not over sleep as the beddings were just soft. If felt more like you just melted into them and could not get out. I made it for the sun rise which was so beautiful and a nice walk on the quiet beach. It’s just you and Nature and no issues. Now this is how it should always be. This is a great wedding location where you could book all 40 rooms for friends and family and have a private affair or also could be a great place for corporate retreats as the hotel offers facilities such as boardrooms and other business related events.


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