Tuesday, December 11

March for elephants, Rhinos and Lions

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Kenya joined the rest of the world to celebrate Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions Day that is marked on October 7, every year.

Global March For Elephants Rhinos and Lions ( GMFERL) is a worldwide call to action to condemn the poaching of elephants, rhinos and lions and the trafficking of wildlife trophies.

This global movement exhorts governments, the civil society, grassroots communities and other stakeholders to be proactive and synergetic in order to ensure the survival of elephants, rhinos and lions.

The future of these keystone species teeters on the knife edge of extinction because of burgeoning human population and infrastructural expansion, as well as the spike in demand for ivory and rhino horn.

In September 2013, the then American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew a direct link between terrorism and elephant poaching, citing emerging evidence that terrorist groups in Africa are funding their activities in part by trafficking ivory.


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