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Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Photography

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Combining the minimalism of black and white photography and the vibrancy of Africa in its colours, Klaus Tiedge produces art from photographs that he has taken in Kenya, Botswanan and Namibia.

His latest coffee table book contains 75 images shot in the wilds of sub-Saharan Africa and much of his work is showcased in galleries around the world.

What this desaturated style of photography that has become trendy in the last decade does, is intensify the drama of form, light or action that is captured.

Born in Germany, Klaus Tiedge began his career as a commercials and fashion photographer in locations such as New York, London, New Delhi, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. But it was Cape Town that caught his attention in the late ’90s, when the city was at its prime as a sought-after photographic location.

In the picture story that follows it is clear that Klaus has spent hours in the bush, getting to know his subjects in their natural environment, lying in wait for typical behaviours that describe a species.

The full cycle of life is captured here in these pages from relaxing and feeding, to escaping predators, hunting for food, fighting for mating rights, caring for young and finding your favourite spot in a place which you call home.

If you’re an amateur photographer, out on Safari, on a quest to observe and photograph the privileges of the wild, the first thing is to know what your equipment can do in terms of aperture and shutter speed. Then compose using interesting angles, like low placing subjects against the sky and shooting in the early morning or late afternoon glow. Even small digital cameras now have good optical zooms of up to 30X with high resolutions, giving you the ability to shoot fast.

There are a few free photographic editing programmes worth the effort which will help you improve brightness, exposure and contrast, instantly boosting the quality of you images.

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