Monday, July 13


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Sometimes I’m in a place and I have to ask myself am I really here? And then I tell myself how lucky I am. I hope you are in that position today as you travel in natural landscapes and meet the inhabitants of your destinations.

This is your journey, whatever you gain from it, we would like to hear about it. Write in for our traveller’s tale section and email your thoughts and views about anything that you feel is important. Share your pictures and illustrations as well.

In this issue, we visit the north of Kenya with Kari Mutu’s affirmation of East Africa’s place as the cradle of mankind, we are stunned by Samburu and meet the Motorogi in Mara. Kenya Wildlife Trust tell us about how they are passing on their work to the next generation of conservationists and Lamu’s Safari Doctors reach out to over 7000 remotely located patients. Julie Church and her team do a massive clean up on International Beach Clean Up Day and conduct an impressive count of rubbish collected on East African shores.

On our way we’ve also encountered the stunning photographs of Klaus Tiedge and the paintings of African artists in Diani. Jakki Ebulani found a spa in silver springs worth writing home about and Heeral Vora went on a discerning tour of hotel bars. We’ve had the chance to listen to the new sounds of Maia and the Big Sky that compliment all our experiences.

Enjoy your travels. Happy holidays.

Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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