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Aiming to take your business to the next level?

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Register for EazzyBiz, your Cash and Liquidity Management Solution

The banking sector across Africa is being redesigned with technology emerging as a competitive weapon in driving operational excellence and service quality. East African economies are growing year on year and becoming more global in their outlook. This has led to the growth of enterprise application to enable companies implement easy to use solutions that are effective and make implementation seamless, while enhancing data security.

Every business owner is after one thing… solutions that will make business operations more efficient and effective. Equity Bank, which banks over 800,000 SMEs regionally, is at the forefront of this. Late last year, the Bank introduced a suite of Eazzy Banking products, with one of them being EazzyBiz, a great digital tool that enables businesses have a 360 degrees online view of their financial position at any one time. This of course means that Financial Managers and CEOs can always make real-time decisions and take advantage of market conditions that favour their businesses.

EazzyBiz is a robust, secure and comprehensive Cash and Liquidity Management solution that incorporates Payments, Collections & Receivables, Liquidity Management and Host to Host (H2H) modules to cater to Cash Management requirements of corporate and SME clients.

Seamlessly integrated, it gives one a global view of their cash position, make payments, and manage their cash flow and balances across multiple currencies and locations. EazzyBiz offers a great user experience, unified view of accounts and has information rendering capability through analytics and management dashboards.

EazzyBiz key features are:

  • Speed and Convenience – Process payments in real-time
  • Significant Time savings – through automated processes.
  • Easy to Use – We have incorporated widgets and dashboards for quick access
  • 24/7 online – You can work at any time, any day, any where
  • Increased Cash Flow – through an efficient collection mechanism
  • Credit Arrangements – based on Receivable information
  • Automated reconciliation – with customer specific rules helps the customer to knock off Payments against Invoices
  • Excellent Audit trail – all transactions can be tracked and audited

Accessing EazzyBiz
EazzyBiz is a customized offering and Equity Bank has set aside a dedicated Relationship Management team that can be contacted to visit prospective clients who wish to register for it. To get started, visit the Equity Bank website; digitalbanking/online-banking

As a business, the security of your online processes is at the heart of the EazzyBiz solution. Equity Bank combines a set of robust processes and state of the art infrastructure to provide you with a secure online banking experience.

So, if you are running a business in Kenya or regionally, we would encourage you to choose EazzyBiz as your financial tool of choice to take your business to the next level.


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