Friday, January 17


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This is one of our most soul searching editions. We dare to tread into those areas of our minds where the difficult questions about our environment arise.

We are lucky to have a couple of highly experienced and acclaimed writers with us in this issue: Stuart Butler takes us into Maasai land – Walking with the Maasai, David Israelson visits the cradle of civilisation in Tanzania and Kari Mutu puts a case for keeping development out of Nairobi National Park.

Lucy Russell writing for Kenya Wildlife Trust, in the second of their tenth anniversary articles, gives us an account of their work with communities in the Mara ecosystem.

I am honoured to have been able to speak to three remarkable people with inside knowledge of East Africa’s terrain and the solutions it might provide to our constant hunger for land.

We have also two warm and entertaining short stories in our traveller’s tale section and encourage you to take a shot at sharing your experiences with us. Please also send in your photos to our ongoing Angama photo competition.

Sit back, enjoy the lands and consume responsibly.

Rupi Gill For the Editorial Team.


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