Tuesday, December 11

AIRKENYA builds a world class primary school in the Masai Mara

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Airkenya’s pledge to support the Emarti Primary School, Masai Mara continues unabated.

All eight primary classrooms are now fully completed meaning the school has its full requirement of primary classrooms. Together with a library, administration offices and an ablution block (toilet block) including a two-bedroom teacher’s house. Airkenya has spent over Kes 60million since 2012 to build and give back to the Masai Mara.

Airkenya took the school under its wings in January 2012. Ever since then the school has benefited in numerous ways. The library has had books bought and donated. Sunflower solar lamps have been donated to the children to assist with night-time reading. The school has lighting by solar power. The Teacher’s two-bedroom house is also a valuable asset of the school, as the school is located on the outskirts of the Masai Mara, the Head Teacher is on hand at all times during term time.

The Emarti community have shown huge gratitude too and Airkenya intends to continue to support the school in many more ways.

Young children from the Emarti community who would otherwise be herding cattle, are getting a formal education. The school is one of Airkenya’s pride and joy.


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