Friday, April 3

Looking for Magic

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This page is dedicated to our audience. We aim to publish your experiences for the entertainment of fellow passengers. The first of our Traveler’s Tales comes from our very own Cheryl deSouza who visited France this April, in Springtime.

We experienced a wonderful family escape to Euro Disney, Paris during the Easter Holidays. Although we had hoped for warmer temperatures in April, the temperatures barely rose above 10 degrees Celsius all week – even though the sun shone: springtime in Europe!

The amusement park with all the rides are spectacular – from Dumbo the Flying Elephant to the Thunder Mountain roller coaster; It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and the Star Wars 3D rides to name a few. Once you get past the queues they are all good fun. We used the Disney Fast Pass tickets where we could to reduce the waiting time but would recommend the VIP passes if you can – it really does cut down the time you spend in the queues.

Euro Disney lived up to our expectations with all the Disney characters out in full force: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy and Goofy, to mention a few – but we have two girls and the princesses were what we were mostly here for. As a result, we had lunch with all the princesses on one of the days: fine dining with princesses waltzing up to our table one by one to our girls’ amazement where they had a chance to have their pictures taken with them.

We also went out to the thrilling Buffalo Bill Wild West Dinner Show, which was spectacular: They really take you back to the Wild West Days. There was horsemanship at its finest, shooting displays by Annie Oakley (the finest lady rider and shooter of her time), humour, cowboys and Indians, and a stagecoach robbery to round it all off: I would highly recommend the show.

Euro Disney is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year – and so a remarkable parade takes place down the main street at 5.30pm daily: it is a show to behold, with all the familiar characters from all the different Disney movies dancing and performing to the excitement of young and old.

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel: a smart hotel in the park. We could hear the music when we opened our windows and saw the crowds pouring into the park every morning.

Euro Disney is a wonderful fairyland, with escapism and feel good factors piled on. Having said that, it is also hugely commercial (with several shops on every corner selling merchandise) and for a park targeting children, the choice of food (think fast food) is rather poor and we spent more time in queues than we expected.

Landing back in Kenya after our break the adage that “East or West, Home is Best” rang true. With the magical weather, game parks with animals in their natural habitats and beaches and nature galore: Kenya is where the magic is real and alive.


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