Friday, June 22

KWS Hunt Rhino Poachers in Solio

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A rhino calf has been rescued next to the carcass of its mother whose horns had been removed by poachers on Solio Ranch.

An ongoing operation had earlier picked up unidentified footprints of infiltrators into the private sanctuary and with additional aerial support discovered a separate Rhino carcass estimated at three weeks old, with horns removed. The Aerial support aided the discovery of the calf which has since been attended to by KWS Veterinary doctors.

Kenya Wildlife Service has intensified security operations within the Ranch and all efforts have been directed at bringing the perpetrators of the crime to book. KWS rangers countrywide have been put on high alert to ensure that an upsurge of poaching does not arise.

We are calling upon the public to volunteer information to help stop criminals hell-bent on destroying Kenya’s wildlife resources for individual gain.


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