Karibu. Welcome

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In these pages today, you’ll be travelling with the preservation warriors – The Kenya Wildlife Trust celebrate ten years of conservation and tell you about their predator project.

One of these great warriors was Sarah Higgins who sadly passed away suddenly. Kari Mutu had visited her Sanctuary for raptors, the Naivasha Owl Centre in our last issue. Now, Kari looks at the rising demand for donkey meat and hides, a trend that is socially disrupting.

Susie Allan studies the wild bee keepers following Letilet’s Tales with whom she’s spent a considerable amount of time. And we have fashion, inspired from the wild with the urbanite in mind.

I explain the enticement of a balloon ride in the Mara, which is the focus for safaris this season due to the wildebeests who are now marching into Kenya looking for greener pastures.

Experience the art of champagne and the attraction of our favourite old town, the inimitable and historically rich, Lamu.

Sit back, relax and when your journey is done, please share – write to us, for our travellers’ tales section. Feel free to draw, paint or photograph your experince – we want to hear your stories.

Rupi Gill For the Editorial Team.


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