Thursday, August 22


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Travel with us this season to the richly forested Kinondo Kweti in Kenya and Mnemba island, an award winning bare foot paradise off the northern coast of Zanzibar. We take you to the northern Serengeti’s mobile Chaka Camp, to Solio, a haven for rhinos in Laikipia and take a rare look at the Mara on foot. The raptors are saved in Naivasha and we take a closer look at the Aloes in Maasai land. Finally we indulge in a little liquid gold with the story of chocolate.

In a rapidly developing place like East Africa, we are constantly vigilant about our impact on the environment because this is also what makes traveling interesting. As we understand ourselves and things around us better it’s reassuring to see how many camps are adopting the “say no to plastic” approach and offering re-usable aluminium bottles to carry your water.


Rupi Gill
For the Editorial Team.


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