Thursday, August 22

Karibu. Welcome

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welcome-karibuPerhaps you’ll be dining with your loved ones, planning futures and making resolutions over cooking fires this season. If you find yourself in our company, I hope our stories will inspire you to try some of the delectables that nature here provides. We’ll take you from the Swahili flavours of Mombasa and Galu, spicier in Zanzibar to the grassy scents and early dew of the Serengeti accompanied by the refreshing splash of jaw tingling waterfalls over rocky ledges.

We’ll be exercising your brain too with thoughts of the effectiveness of poaching legislation and of how we perceive the world according to how its image is created. I speak with Jimi Kariuki, chairman of the Kenya Tourist Board and invite you to spend some time looking at the artists that craft pieces of beauty in Nairobi. In keeping with the nostalgia of these special days, we journey from Denmark to Africa visiting Karen Blixen’s three graves.

I’ve a christmas story for you too: Following the long dry spell that we felt keenly in Nairobi, water culverts that were put into the ground last year to siphon off excess water from our plot and stop it from becoming a swamp, were bone dry. Probably in its search for water, a hyena was able to come through the culverts into a ditch that continues behind the sentry post, past our night askari. According to him, it was stalking his legs. Probably alerted by its smell he struck it with his rather large rungu and it fled deeper into our compound. The neighbouring akaris ganged up against it as it dashed about, trying to beat a retreat. Finally it was overwhelmed by a bash to the head and sadly, died on the roadside.

Conflict such as this can only get worse as the weather patterns change and human development encroaches the paths that animals once roamed without fear.

This Christmas I’ll be urging you to give a thought to every unfortunate creature, man or beast. I hope you will enjoy our magazine on your journeys and that we can inspire you to travel responsibly, with a measure of open heartedness, passing on your enthusiasm for this wonderful region to your friends, families and foes.

Rupi Gill For the Editorial Team.


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