Monthly Archives: September, 2016

My World at Ten Thousand Feet

Day in the Life of Airkenya Pilot Philip Kioko It’s 8am and I’m in the office having my usual wake-me-up coffee, preparing for another extraordinary experience…

Kitchen Tale

Jakki Ebulani visits the Sushi Guru at Food Fire One would hear a lot of people say that, “they do not eat raw fish”. Which is…

Hidden Uganda

In the thick forests, below the mountainous landscape, Uganda is alive with diverse rural cultures that would not be accessible except for the increasing number of…

When a painting sings to you

In the heart of the Louvre, we are approaching the natural half smile of a woman completely comfortable and at ease with herself. But before we…

Parley for the Oceans

Julie Church talks to Rupi Gill about the business of cleaning seas The day is charged with electricity, excitement oozing from under the giant jelly fish, from faces…

A Green Gem

Happiness is being with nature, seeing nature and discoursing with her, feelings I experience as we hit the bumpy and curvy road 10.5 kilometers from Mt.…

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