Le Café at Lantana Galu Beach

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le-cafe-at-lantana-galu-beachLet me start by saying that I am not a “Foodie”. Give me that greasy plate of chips with Peptang chilli sauce and my culinary journey is complete. Now I have to tell you that I married a “Foodie” … and with that comes an exploration of black squid ink (yuck), any fancy dish with truffles and a myriad of foods I would rather forget. Inevitably, one would think that the intersection of the two would hardly ever meet but once in awhile – it does. Where you ask? Le Cafe at Lantana Galu Beach.

Located in Diani, this restaurant has arches that perfectly frame our turquoise Indian ocean, our pristine white sandy beaches, our gorgeous palms topped with simple Swahili and Mediterranean décor. Now whilst I may not be a foodie, I am most certainly a connoisseur of all things alcoholic which Haroun, the resident mixologist has somehow managed to set his clock by. The just before lunch Pimms cocktail, the cool & crisp wine at lunch, the G&T sundowners, the ice cold beer – he really has an uncanny ability to know exactly what I want!

le-cafe-at-lantana-galu-beach2le-cafe-at-lantana-galu-beach3As you sit on a table with cool winds blowing gently from the headland and a clear blue pool that worms its way around the restaurant, I can’t help but smile knowing that all our family’s gastric needs will be met. My husband’s mango salad, ginger crab, calamari salad, catch of the day lightly grilled, aged steak to name a few. My favorite chicken tikka sandwich served with chips and a little something that supersedes my chilli craving – “the hottie sauce”, for the kids – the chipolata sausages, crispy fried bacon, fresh fish fingers with a side of spinach and of course the thinly crusted pizzas from a wood burning oven. But after 6 days of eating at Le Cafe I have to say that my palette does beg for Chinese or Indian. Diani doesn’t boast a multitude of cuisines so heading out to the local Chinese diner isn’t really an option – so it’s Chef Jack to the rescue… I look at him with my pleading eyes and he happily makes me up a chicken stir-fry that Patience (yes she truly is the MOST patient person I know) serves it to me with a hearty smile and always lots of hugs. For those with the most discerning appetite for dessert – a choice of banoffee pie, eclairs and for my kids – enough for the 6th ice-cream of the day! Meals are served all day any time.

Portions are generous, great value and consistent. So whether you are a fancy truffle eating lover or a simple fish and chips gal – Le Café will not


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