Wednesday, August 5

Ask me Why I Love Kenya

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Here are some of the comments from the Airkenya team and friends

“…365 days of sunshine and clear blue skies, starry nights that simply mesmerise me, 42 ethnic tribes and a host of immigrant communities all living together making us a truly cosmopolitan country with a rich and diverse culture, but especially the warmth of our people who always carry a big smile and wave jambo to one and all. I love my country, my Kenya!”
Minaz Manji, Managing Director, Twiga Tours

“Kenya is a truly unique country. Magical scenery and wildlife, a perfect climate, enchanting cultures and, most of all, incredibly warm and welcoming people. That’s why I love Kenya and why I’m proud to call Kenya my home.”
David Stogdale, Managing Director, Great Plains

“Our culture is rich – we have 42 tribes – and I am proud to be one of them. Kenya is the harp of Africa.”
Catherine Kimwele, Relationship Manager, Airkenya

“I love Kenya because I live here, I was born here, this is my home. I love the beauty of the landscape, game parks, white sandy beaches, the diversity of our incredible animals, flora, fauna, and more than anything the people are beautiful. I am proudly Kenyan.”
Mini Warah, Director Operations, Liberty Africa Safaris

“I love Kenya because it is incredibly unique, from the landscape to the people.”
Benjamin Woods, Cheltenham College, UK

“We enjoy the best weather all year round – the sun shines every day in Kenya. And Kenya is where safaris began.”
Cheryl deSouza, Marketing Manager, Airkenya 

“We are a country of cultural diversity.”
Carole Munuhe, Reservations, Airkenya

“I love Kenya because it is my motherland, it has natural beauty and is recognized for one of the wonders of the world – the Maasai Mara migration.”
Caren Soi, Ukunda Station, Airkenya

“Kenya will expose you to open savannah plains, majestic mountain peaks, deep blue ocean, dense forests, white sand beaches, intriguing woodlands, lush wetlands, vast deserts and so much more….”
Maureen Wairimu, Airkenya Operations.

“I love Kenya because of her unmatched majestic beauty.”
Liz Mugi, Airkenya Call Centre Supervisor

“…we are a resilient hardworking people who will do their best to overcome any life challenges so that life returns to normal quickly.”
Hellen Kimutai, Airkenya Deputy Reservations Manager

“…sunshine and wonderful landscape, unlike anywhere else in the world, blue skies every day…”
Sylvia Cheptoo, Airkenya Finance Department.

“I love Kenya because of our resilience, nothing seems to put us down. We are very warm and kind to all.”
Maryanne Nganga, Airkenya Marketing

“I love Kenya because of the traffic!”
Mike Jones, Designer

“I love Kenya because of its well endowed natural beauty and all-year round favorable weather.”
Peter Ondabu, Publisher, Ndege News

“Kenya makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry, but I’m proud to be a citizen of our diverse country. Its wonderful natural heritage is something I love to share with visitors. Where else can you find snow on the equator a short flight away from harshly beautiful deserts, flamingo-covered lakes and palm-fringed tropical beaches? By the way it has a fascinating history and great arts’ scene too.”
Juliet Barnes, Editor, Ndege News

“…because it is a good country.” Bechy Kamau, Dormans 

Good climate, great wildlife. Mimo Bandi, Airkenya 

“Beautiful people and landscape. People have time for you in Kenya. I love to cycle all over Kenya, the scenery is so stunning everywhere you go. I have cycled from Nairobi to Mombasa and off road around Mt Kenya.”
Alan Oliveria, Engineering Manager Airkenya.


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