Wednesday, August 5

Getting Old

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I’ve been thinking, as we get older, things get taken from us, the ability to mend when you fall, some of your stamina and strength, the ability to sway pretty girls, unless of course you have deep pockets. But some things we gain, its not all bad, we gain experience, knowledge, wisdom, hopefully comfort in our surroundings. Family, as the clan around you grows bigger. We also gain some immunity, some good yes, but the worst of it is, the immunity to loose weight. Wow, in 2015 we start with 3 weeks of, no sugar, no wheat, no snacks, no booze…! The results, uneasy treading on the scales, a couple of 100 grams, sweet! Okay maybe not so strict with the diet, but some reward none-the-less. As far as Helicopters go, not to get “old”, we came up with the idea of three scenic routes to fly out of Nairobi. The idea is that these can be sold on an individual seat basis, it makes the Helicopter more attainable. You can put some friends together for any occasion, offer a corporate a incentive or a reward on the end a business trip in Nairobi. It an amazing way to showcase Kenya to visiting investors. If you are keen, find four friends to go with you, and the rotors are turning.

At Airkenya, we continue to offer our tailored charters, set scenic routes to various corners of Kenya, indeed East Africa, or be it the executive transfers – JKIA – Nairobi environs. When you land, after an amazing scenic flight, relax and rewind the trip… try this, “ thinning pilots excluded “. In a tumbler fill to half with pressed watermelon heart, squeeze in 2 pitted limes, add 2 tots cane syrup, and 2 tots white rum, top with crushed ice a bunch of mint and sparkling water, then pull up a chair and face West.


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