Tuesday, December 11

Bringing Art to Kenya’s Youth

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Bringing Art to Kenya's YouthThe ceremony for the award of the MASK (Mobile Art For Schools in Kenya) Art Prizes, supported by the Rivers Foundation, was held in June, at the Cultural Dynamics Gallery, Nairobi National Museum. The winning three were awarded three prizes of Ksh 55000 each, while the winning Artist, James Kungu, also won a trip to London to learn more about Art.

The schools prize ( Ksh100,000 worth of art materials) was awarded jointly to Rubiri Primary School, Naivasha, and Children of God Relief Institute, Nairobi. The exhibition of the children’s art remained in Nairobi until mid July before travelling to the internationally acclaimed Saatchi Gallery in London, where it can be seen from 14 September to 7 October. This year’s theme tackled by more than 1000 under-25’s was ‘What makes you proud about Kenya?’


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