Wednesday, August 5

Luxury in the Mara

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The Masai Mara never seems to disappoint. No matter if it is wet or dry, lavishly green or seared by drought,the abundance of animals still awesand delights visitors.

The endless plains, riverine forest, savannah and craggy escarpments form a magnificent backdrop to everything from the herds of sullen buffalo, elegant impala, towering
giraffes and lumbering elephants, to lazing lions, leopards with eyes blazing from deep within the branches
of a fig tree, and cheetah bolting from a thicket.

In this issue we focus on Bateleur, Sanctuary Olonana and Mara Explorer camps – some of the best places to
stay while visiting the Mara. Along with my old-time favourite, Saruni, these properties represent the best in good taste and luxury that the Mara has to offer in terms of hospitality. Let our pick become your jumping off point fora memorable safari experience in the Mara!

This cornucopia of nature is unquestionably the finest in Africa in which to spot the Big Five in their natural habitat, and deserves not only our respect and admiration,but also our commitment to environmental conservation. The government recognises that the National Reserve is a treasure to be vigorously protected, and hand in
hand with the Narok county council have taken steps to ensure that it is not overloaded by the demands of tourism. A conservancy just outside the boundaries now fulfils the role of expansion, while tourism and its attendant demands on natural resources is carefully monitored and strict regulations implemented.

Responsible tourism measures and growing conservation awareness have ensured that the Mara remains a pristine wilderness, the animals left largely undisturbed to lead their lives in the wild without incursion from the
detritus of mankind.

None of these conservation measures affects the charm and magic of the Masai Mara. So enjoy your stay, and remember to respect this beautiful bounty of nature. Welcome aboard for the trip of a lifetime!


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