Monday, July 13

Discover New Places With Us

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Dear Passenger,
Welcome to another issue of Airkenya’s inflight magazine, Ndege News!
All of us at Airkenya Express would like to welcome you on board our aircraft and wish you a pleasantand safe flight!

As you go on reading the different articles of this magazine you realize that the many places and features that Kenya offers are second to none and the warmth that the Kenyan people will give you during your stay, will be memorable for the years to come.

We feel that Airkenya is part of this welcome and our team always tries to offer the quality and attention
to detail to make your African experience a journey to remember!
After many years of “Bush” flying

we pride ourselves as leaders in the Kenyan skies, our pilots often add that little touch of making an early
turn or a longer final to be able to show you that herd of Elephants or the restless run of the gazelles, so
you know that game “drive” is on from an early start ! After all, it’s all part of these wonderful moments.
Your time with us is important and when we see you boarding that four wheel drive to head off towards the
herd of Elephants you have just seen from the air, we know that your bush experience will always be part
of your future thoughts!

Ndege News portrays a number of interesting articles, features and pictures that will give you a preview
of things to come, just like paint brush lining up colors on a painter’scanvas, all there for you to see and
perhaps choose that next adventure, nothing wrong with early planning!

Discover new places with us. Enjoy your flight and we are truly looking forward to have you on board again!

Capt. Dino Bisleti
General Manager


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