Saturday, June 15

Welcome of Board

Dear Reader,

After a very successful 2018, the Airkenya Group of Airlines is making sure that 2019 will be an equally great year. All efforts are now focused in developing the group’s regional connections and provide our customers with a truly East African experience.

Airkenya’s plan to start a Mara – Entebbe – Kihihi schedule (Kihihi is 170 miles west of Entebbe, where the Gorillas can be seen) is progressively taking shape. The launch will be June 1st, 2019 and all hands are on deck to make it happen. And what a start! Breakfast in the Mara, lunch with the Gorillas, never before has such connection was ever been possible. Airkenya and AeroLink will provide a seamless connection from Kenya to Uganda and vice versa. Our customers will no longer require to travel to Nairobi, spend a night in the City and connect to Entebbe next day. What a time saver!

Airkenya will also enhance the service to Tanzania, via the Migori-Tarime connection, particularly focusing in giving customers a better and more efficient road transfer on both sides of the Isibania border. From Tarime passengers will fly Regional Air to various destinations in the Serengeti providing also onward schedules to Zanzibar. These flights will be mostly operated by Regional Air’s newly acquired Dash 8-100. Customers will be flying in comfort with a pressurized cabin and faster (1hr and 20 min flight to Zanzibar) bringing the Spice Island that much closer to the Serengeti plains! With the help of its subsidiaries, Airkenya’s aim in 2019 will be to cover the East Africa region. It is our belief that only in this way will the Group be able to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect from us.

The opportunity to see the Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda, the famous Maasai Mara migration and luxurious highlands of Kenya, the vast horizons, varied game viewing, pristine and clear waters of Zanzibar in Tanzania - is what Airkenya’s group of Airlines are planning to deliver this year, a chance to see it all!

Please check with your travel agent, Tour Company or instead have a peek on what our web site offers,, you will be able to make an informed decision on an itinerary that will best suit your travel plans.

We are looking forward to being your partner, keep us in mind when you next plan your holiday!

Happy Easter and have a wonderful regional holiday with us!

Capt Dino Bisleti
General Manager