Welcome on board!

welcome-on-boardDear Reader,

One cannot help thinking that we are well into the second half of the year and wonders how quickly time goes by. It seems like yesterday that we ushered the New Year, hoping for good times ahead full of promises and good resolutions. And indeed so far Airkenya and its Subsidiaries have performed well and above expectations. All of us working for this group of Airlines continue to try and make good on those promises and resolutions, to be able give our customers the best service available whilst working in a controlled, professional and safe environment.

In an effort to keep this goal in mind, I am pleased to say that Airkenya has recently purchased a new AS350 B3 E Helicopter that will join the fleet in November. This Helicopter is the “workhorse” of the Airbus Helicopter choppers, a very robust and reliable machine ideal for the demanding African conditions. Its excellent weight to power ratio make those high altitude excursions easy and safe to manage. All of us at Airkenya believe that showing our customers the wonderful Kenyan landscape and sites that are inaccessible by planes, cars, camels or donkeys, makes that holiday so much more exciting and so outside the ordinary. Imagine having breakfast on top of a hill overviewing the Great Rift Valley, on an early clear morning and then flown to your preferred game lodge, what a treat! If you want to know more about our Helicopter excursions, please visit our website www.airkenya.com.

In July alone, Airkenya has flown a record number of passengers to the Mara Game Reserve, all of them longing to see one of the greatest shows on earth, the Wildebeest Mara migration, and let me tell you what a migration! Never like this year, have I seen so many animals, from the top to the bottom of the food chain. A truly fabulous show that mother-nature gives us every year, a unique spectacle that makes the Mara an outstanding destination to visit. As you read through this magazine you will find many articles and features that well depict the beauty and uniqueness of this part of the world. If your travel takes you to other parts of the East African region, Airkenya and its subsidiaries, Regional Air and AeroLink, can make your travel plans easier to arrange. Regional Air in Tanzania can fly you to the vast Serengeti plains, or if you prefer the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, to the spice island, Zanzibar, exotic, beautiful, a must see! AeroLink in Uganda can fly you where the Gorillas are, or close to the Murchison falls on the Victoria Nile, the beauty of the Murchison National Park it is so breathtaking, a truly worthwhile experience!

Please keep us in mind when you plan your next holiday, it will be a pleasure to have you on board again,

Enjoy your holiday and thank you for flying with us,

Capt. Dino Bisleti Group General Manager