Welcome on board!

welcome-on-boardDear Reader,

I welcome this opportunity to share a few moments of your time as you flip through the pages of this magazine. The many pictures and articles are all about this wonderful part of the world called East Africa with its national parks, pristine beaches, stunning highlands and mountains.

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda share the most awesome sceneries and landscapes. Africa is a continent of amazing contrasts, from the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar to the vast and infinite horizons of the Serengeti plains, and the Bwindi Impenetrable forest in south-west Uganda that hosts many Gorilla families. The dramatic landscape changes from cool temperatures of the Mt. Kenya high lands, to the hot wild, semi-arid and bushy land of the Samburu Game Reserve in northern Kenya, contoured with the calm and relentless flow of the Ewaso Ngiro River. All these places will be an excellent choice for your next safari; a unique feeling and an experience to be remembered.

In the magazine you will find time tables for schedule flights for Airkenya, Regional Air and AeroLink, a network that will help make your travel easy and convenient. Our teams are always ready to help organize your journey to be as pleasant as possible and for sure one to be remembered for the years to come! As the Airkenya group of Airlines we feel proud in saying that together we have more than 35 years experience in looking after our customers!

If schedule flights do not meet your safari requirement, we can organize charters which will be tailored to your travel needs. Whether you charter an airplane or an Helicopter, we will be able to fly you to the destination of your choice! Helicopter charters are ever more popular and because of this, Airkenya has purchased a brand new five seater AS 350 B3E from Airbus Helicopters, the ship will be the second one joining the Airkenya fleet in December this year.

We know you have a choice, so, if you have decided to fly with us today we do feel privileged and thank you for it, hoping that somehow we have convinced you to come back for another adventure. East Africa will be waiting for you!

Capt. Dino Bisleti Group General Manager