Welcome on board

welcome-on-board-september2015The month of August for Kenyans means “cold” weather: it may not seem that way for many of our visitors from the northern hemisphere, but Kenyans feel the pinch of the season’s cool weather and dress themselves like they were about to embark on a North Pole journey! It is also the season when the great Wildebeest migration takes place in the much renowned Mara Game reserve. Thousands of Wildebeest cross into Kenya from the vast plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania, looking for greener pastures, all piling up at different crossing points of the Mara River, waiting in line for their turn to cross the river under the watchful eye of huge crocodiles all looking for their daily breakfast – and with them lions and everyone else in the food chain: A sight to behold that makes the Mara the number one attraction for the many visitors that come to Kenya this time of the year.

At Airkenya we all look forward to this season. When we fly to the Mara we never get tired of seeing this magnificent show, and treasure the many positive comments that our customers offer when they get back from their safaris. And similarly the many other places and sights that make Kenya a unique country to visit. It is refreshing and a mind “healer” to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and daily routines. I am sure you will remember your safari as a great experience, one that you will remember for the years to come.

Ndege News magazine will give you an insight and a heads up on what’s ahead, with articles and pictures depicting the beauty of the African landscapes, its colourful skies, but also the many problems that are so unique to this region. One of these problems is poaching, every year we lose many elephants to poachers who sell their tusks to feed the illegal international ivory trade. Airkenya recognizes this as a major challenge in preserving our wild heritage. In September 2014, Airkenya pledged to support the Tsavo Trust aerial patrols by providing additional fuel for the Tsavo Trust’s patrol aircraft, specifically focusing on monitoring the movement of the large tuskers in the Tsavo Conservation Area. Tsavo’s elephant population, estimated to number 14,000 animals in 2013, accounts for over one third of all Kenya’s elephants, including the world’s last viable gene pool of huge ‘one hundred pounder’ tuskers. Regular patrols and monitoring of these elephants’ movements helps prevent deaths due to illegal poaching. These elephants are a treasure and must be preserved for the generations to come.

Airkenya’s subsidiary airlines, Regional Air in Tanzania and AeroLink in Uganda are also featured in this magazine. Both airlines are able to provide you with convenient flight connections in the region. Check their time tables; I am sure that you will find suitable flights to suit your safari plans.

Finally a big thank you for being with us today; we value your support and wish you a pleasant journey, Thank you for flying with us,

Capt. Dino Bisleti
General Manager