Welcome on board

welcome-on-boardWelcome to East Africa, where modernity and tradition meet and seamlessly interact. To truly appreciate East Africa’s diversity, contrast the dining experience in the East African cities where a 5 star dining experience is the norm, with a visit to a Kenyan or Tanzanian Manyatta to experience how Africa lived a century ago. This is one place modernity has not penetrated, villagers and wild animals coexist with mutual respect, and the Maasai herdboy you meet today may be the country’s president in the next 20 years. East Africa is truly the land of the possible, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety, the only constant being the welcoming smile you receive from all the inhabitants you interact with.

This dichotomy is well represented by the Airkenya group, where a 5 star airline specializes in bush flying. Whether you are headed for the beaches off the Kenyan or Tanzania coast, the world famous Serengeti or Masai Mara, or off the beaten path for a day with Gorillas in Bwindi and Chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth, Airkenya, Regional Air and Aerolink will get you there, on time and in comfort.

We pride ourselves with offering holiday solutions to our travelers, and starting June 2015 Regional Air will expand their wings to start serving southern Tanzania by offering daily flights to the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. Contact any of the three Airlines and we will offer you a one stop solution to the East Africa holiday circuit.

Don’t forget our Helicopter scenic flights for breathtaking views of the East Africa landscape and an aerial view of wildlife which cannot be experienced in any other way. East Africa is blessed with geography like no other. One hour flight from any of the capital cities and you can experience desert conditions, going the Great Rift Valley, lakes, craters, desert dunes and see the snow peaked Mt Kenya. Or simply enjoy a scenic flight to Africa’s tallest Mountain Kilimanjaro bordering Tanzania. Your Helicopter Pilot, and Airkenya has the best, will point out the iconic peaks and even land for a coffee/tea on sites only Helicopters can. The variety in EA is truly boundless: the Rain forests in Bwindi, or return to the Arabic era in Zanzibar and Lamu, sunbathe on some of the best beaches in the world along the East African coast, watch the great migration, you really are spoilt for choice. Take any pick and we will take you there.

For repeat visitors, welcome back, we experience the joy of travel over and over again from your experiences. For residents, Airkenya, Regional Air or Aerolink is home, you make us a better airline by always being on our side, and for the first time visitor, savour the experience and give us the feedback, we always aim to be the best bush and beach operator in Africa.

John Mark Kimondo, Group Chief Finance Officer