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Welcome on board

Dear Reader,

Karibu! (welcome) to East Africa, whether you are flying AIRKENYA, REGIONAL AIR, Tanzania or AEROLINK Uganda. It is our pleasure to fly you to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

We hope you will enjoy your wildlife adventure in East Africa or perhaps you are on your way to the Kenyan coastal towns of Lamu, Malindi or Diani or further a field to Zanzibar. Enjoy the sun, sand and culture.

AIRKENYA’S flagship destination the Maasai Mara, is busiest at this time of the year with nature’s greatest show on earth, setting the stage with the wildebeest migration from Tanzania to Kenya all for the quest of greener pastures. The wildebeest are closely followed by zebras in their thousands coming to the Maasai Mara from the Serengeti plains after the long April and May rains. At this time of the year the predators are having a feast as they are sitting right at the top of the food chain but they also need protection - read the Mara Predator project to get a better understanding on how much they are affected by changing environmental dynamics.

As you fly to the game parks, if you are one of those staring out of the window (most flights are flown low level), over most of Kenya or Tanzania, you will notice the maasai manyatta’s dotted around the landscape, these are circular homesteads where the Maasai keep their cattle. Cattle are considered to be their most prized procession and to protect them from lions at night, they herd them inside these manyattas. The "Maasai Treads" story will give you a better insight into how Maasai walk up to even 50km a day to find best pastures for their animals.

The Maasai are by no means unique to Kenya, you will find them in Tanzania as well as they are one of the best examples of nomadic tribes with almost an unchanged culture.

It is indeed our pride to fly you around the greatest game parks in East Africa, enjoy yourselves with the hope that we will be flying you again soon. And if you are celebrating something special this year, don’t forget to tag on #Celebratingsomethingspecial with #AngamaMara and #Airkenya @ airkenyaexpress, for more details check out the full page advert in this issue, you will also have a chance to win two nights for two at ANGAMA Mara, an experience that you will not forget!!

Asante sana and karibu tena! (thank you and welcome back again!)

Group Managing Director