Dame Daphne Dies

Conservation matriarch Dame Daphne Sheldrick died on April 12, 2018, aged 83 of breast cancer.…

Welcome on board

Dear Reader,

One cannot help thinking that we are well into the second half of the year and wonders how quickly time goes by. It seems like yesterday that we ushered in the New Year, looking for good times ahead, making promises and committing on good resolutions. Indeed so far, Airkenya and its Subsidiaries have performed well and above expectations. All of us working for this group of Airlines continue to try and make good on those promises and resolutions to be able to give our customers the best available service whilst working in a controlled, professional and safe environment.

In an effort to keep this goal in mind, I am pleased to say that after the introduction in late 2017 of Airkenya’s second Dash 7, this fleet has now given the Airline a definite edge over its competition. We are now able to accommodate large groups in and out most Mara airstrips and other game parks in Kenya. The Dash 7 is a STOL (Short Take Off Landing) able aircraft, its performance is second to none, it will operate in and out of short unprepared runways carrying maximum loads. It will also make your trip comfortable, with a pressurized cabin, it will fly above weather avoiding low level turbulence that often makes your flying “safari” a little too “choppy”.

I am also pleased to announce that our subsidiaries, Regional Air in Tanzania and Aerolink in Uganda are both adding an additional Caravan aircraft to their fleet. The extra capacity needed is a result of increased passenger numbers, a clear indication that tourism in East Africa is fast growing. Undoubtedly the region is offering many and exciting solutions that will make the planning of your holiday that much easier. It goes without saying that Airkenya’s group of Airlines wants to be part of that planning as we firmly believe that we have the resources and network that will allow you to fly between various destinations either using our schedule or charter flights.

As the month of May will come to an end, so will the long rains. This rainy season has left us with an incredibly lush Kenya, where all shades of green and awesome African skies form a kaleidoscope of colors which is hardly seen anywhere else in the world. I am sure that your African experience will be an unforgettable one, that will be treasured for years to come.

As you read through this magazine you will find articles and features that well depict the beauty and uniqueness of East Africa. I hope that you will enjoy your holiday and thank you for flying with us,

Capt. Dino Bisleti
General Manager
Airkenya Express