Welcome on Board

Alan OliveiraA great big welcome on Airkenya, AeroLink and Regional Air, we hope you will enjoy your flight and we thank you for choosing to fly with us!

Airkenya’s Engineering facility is abuzz at the moment with the newly acquired Dash 7 and the entire Airkenya fleet will get thoroughly checked in readiness for the peak season. Much excitement surrounds the Dash 7 aircraft, which is a STOL (short take off and landing) it is an excellent aircraft for the bush flying we do into the airstrips of our world renowned game parks. The Dash 7 is so robust it will fly in and out of national park airstrips with a full load of 50 passengers, no other commercial aircraft can do it! The recently acquired Dash 7 will be the second one online by the end of April 2014. It certainly boosts the eating capacity and given that Airkenya is the leading airline in the domestic tourist circuit, it will give us a sharper edge in the industry. Indeed, large incentive groups will get better flight options from Airkenya.

The new Dash 7 is currently being reconfigured to Airkenya standards. Airkenya’s seventh brand new Caravan, a 2013 EX series model, will be online in March. The EX series has 38% more power from the standard Caravan model.

Airkenya Engineering department is also working towards become paperless and installing a new Maintenance Tracking System which will allow us to interlink with various key technical departments. The main advantage is that each aircraft records are now maintained in a digital format which means we have one central source of data which can be accessed from any location. This system will also be installed in our Tanzanian and Ugandan subsidiaries.

Indeed, we are very proud of Regional Air’s (RAS) Maintenance facility that recently opened in Arusha. Regional Air are now able to undertake most of their own Maintenance activities. In addition, they will soon offer third party maintenance support.

AeroLink is nearly two years old and received its second Caravan to boost its seat capacity. Uganda is certainly an exciting destination.

The Airkenya Helicopter operation continues to be a major growth area and we look forward to offering new Helicopter scenic safaris in the region.

The teams of Airkenya, AeroLink and Regional Air look forward to flying you and your guests in comfort and many more times to our different destinations this year. Kenya is indeed a blessed Country with a variety of products on offer, everything from snow-capped mountains, white sandy beaches and world renowned Game Parks make the top of the list and there is so much more.
Enjoy your flight!

Best wishes,
Alan Oliveira,
Engineering Manager